Assigning Jobs to Drivers

Motor carriers can use the Assignment functionality in Dispatch to manage what drivers can view and interact with on the Dispatch mobile application.

Assignments allow your organzation to restrict a driver's  visibility to only see jobs that have been assigned to him and he may only view other jobs if granted permissions by your mobile administrator.

If you intend to use assignments, be sure to set the "View All Jobs" check box to the FALSE (unchecked) value upon driver setup.

To grant a driver permissions to view all jobs, check the "View All Jobs" box on the driver profile found within the Admin | Manage Mobile Users menu.

Setting View All Jobs permission to TRUE enables a "Settings" menu on the driver's mobile application.  Your driver will use the "View All Jobs" toggle on his mobile device to switch between Assigned Jobs and All Jobs. 



When the driver views All Jobs he will have visibility to jobs for the offices for which you have configured him to see.

If you set the permission while your driver is signed on to the mobile application, he will need to sign out of the app and sign back in in order to inherit the new functionality.


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