I didn't sign in within 24 hours. How do I get a new temporary code?

When you are subscribed to Dispatch Mobile by your company administrator you will receive a text message on your phone containing your UserID and a temporary code that is valid for 24 hours.

If you are unable to complete the "Sign Up" process within 24 hours, follow these instructions to get a new code:

1. Launch the Dispatch Mobile application

2. From the Sign In page, tap "Sign Up" on the lower left


3. On the Sign Up form, enter the username provided on your original text message and tap "Resend Code".  Your username is required to obtain a new code.


4. You'll receive a new text message on your mobile device containing a new temporary code.

5. Stay on the Sign In form and enter the new code in along with your username. Then tap verify code.  From there you'll be able to create your unique password and start using Dispatch Mobile.


If you accidentally deleted the text message containing your username, please contact your in house Dispatch administrator who can look up your username on the DispatchManager web portal.

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