How do events reported by my driver get to my in-house system?

Enterprise integration is not a requirement for your drivers to use Dispatch Mobile to report events.

When a driver uses the Dispatch Mobile app, event data is reported to the IAS Dispatch platform where the data and attachments are initially stored.  If you are currently using the IAS DispatchManager portal, you'll be able to view event data and attachments directly.

Should you have an enterprise system in house with integration capabilities, you may opt to subscribe to a new set of event EDI to keep your in house systems in synch with DispatchManager.

Subscribing to this service you will receive an event EDI message each time your driver reports an event activity using Dispatch Mobile.  The message formats are identical to the "Appointment" EDI you may already be submitting to IAS DispatchManager and are available in the following formats:

  • ANSI/X12:  214
  • XML
  • IAS Flat Tabular

For attachments such as photos and Signature Proof-of-Delivery documents, a "binaries" sub-directory may be configured in your existing IAS FTP account.  You will be able to pick up attachments from this location.

Please contact IAS Global Client Services to request more information about the Dispatch "Envoy" program and an updated Welcome Pack containing all the necessary technical documentation to get your EDI integration started.  Your Client Services account manager will also coordinate the testing and cut-over process to make sure you get up and running as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

If your organization does not currently participate in the Dispatch Envoy program for EDI-Connected motor carriers, please contact Global Services for more details.


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