What happens when my driver reports an event with Dispatch Mobile?

Dispatch Mobile is an extension of the event reporting capability currently available in the IAS DispatchManager application.  When a driver uses the mobile application to report an event, the "Actual" values on your stops are updated based on the local time on the driver's mobile device.

In the following example we have a Delivery appointment scheduled for August 17 at 5:30PM.


Our driver sees the same job on his mobile device using Dispatch Mobile.   To report the event he taps "Report Event"


The event is captured on his mobile device at 16:36


IAS DispatchManager shows the event reported at 16:36:


And the workorder activity log shows the update occuring at the same time:

If the driver reports events with attachments such as a Signature or Photo, that attachment may be located on the workorder Attachments sub-menu


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