How do I manage my roster of drivers?

Users with administrative permissions will manage the mobile users in a new "Admin" menu available in IAS DispatchManager.

The company roster of drivers is viewable in a familiar grid interface with sort, search and export options

To add a new driver, select the "Add New" function to create a new record.

To edit an existing driver, simply select the driver's record and use the "Edit" function to open the details.

The following information is needed to subscribe a driver:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number (in International format)
  • User Name

You'll have the ability to control your driver's view of work orders by subscribing him only to the branch office(s) for which he reports activity.

If your organization does NOT intend to use assignments, set the "View All Jobs" checkbox to the TRUE value (checked).

If your organization intends to use assignments, you can control what the driver views based on what is assigned to him.

  • For drivers who only should see jobs assigned to them, leave "View All Jobs" checked to the FALSE value (unchecked).
  • For drivers who have permission to view any branch-office job, regardless of assignment, set "View All Jobs" to TRUE (checked)
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