What is the Dispatch Mobile app?

Dispatch Mobile is an extension of the IAS DispatchManager platform that gives drivers the ability to report pickup and delivery events in real time over consumer grade mobile devices.

  • Drivers report pickup and delivery times with a simple tap on their screen. 

  • They may also report their events with photos or with signatures when required.

  • Events are reported directly into the DispatchManager platform, eliminating phone calls and keystrokes with an immediate positive impact on your on-time performance reporting.

  • IAS designed Dispatch Mobile to be easy to use with little or no ramp up required for drivers to start reporting events today with minimal impact to their cellular data plan.

*For IAS partnered motor carriers connected by electronic messaging, IAS offers outbound EDI services to keep your in house system of record completely in synch with your drivers' activity.

Available for phones, "phablets" and tablets on both Apple iOS and Android platforms.

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