How do I cancel a completed work order?

IAS Dispatch allows Originators to cancel almost any work order, but you cannot cancel a work order once an Actual delivery time has been logged. However, there are two ways to work around this.

First, make sure an invoice has not been created for the work order yet. If it has, either the Receiver must delete the draft or the Originator must decline the invoice.

If it is only a matter of not invoicing charges on the work order, the Receiver can mark charges as not billable:

  • Go to Invoices > Create Invoice
  • Check the box next to the work order
  • Select Actions > Mark Charges as Not Billable
  • The work order will disappear from the invoice tab

If you need to Cancel the work order entirely:

  • The Originator should go to Amend Work Order
  • Click on Appointments
  • Check the box next to an appointment (you will need to do this for all appointments)
  • Click the Edit Record icon
  • Delete the appointment time
  • When you have deleted all appointment times, click Amend


  • Next, the Receiver should approve the amendment
  • You will then need to amend the work order to remove the Actual times
  • Once the Originator approves that amendment, they can now cancel the work order


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