How to Attach a Document to a Work Order (Scanned POD or Picture)

How to Attach a Document to a Work Order


Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Search for the Work Order you wish to add a Document

Step 3: Double Click the Work Order to view the Section Details

Step 4: Click on the Attachment Section toward the bottom

Step 5: Click Actions

Step 6: Select “Add Work Order Attachment” or if there are multiple units select “Add Unit


*Note – For Expeditors Orders Always Select “Add Work Order Attachment”

Step 7: Title your Attachment

*Note – Tile may only contain (A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and dashes '-')

Step 8: Click “Choose Files” and select the file you wish to upload*Note – Description is optional

*Note – Description is optional

Step 9: Select Document Type


* “POD”- for Proof of Delivery Document

* “TRB” - for any other document used for billing purposes

Step 10: Click Attach File

*Note – Attached files can be viewed in your internet browser by clicking the magnifying glass or downloaded to your computer by clicking the red down arrow.




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