How to create an invoice

 If you are registered for Dispatch invoice, you can create and issue invoices for completed work orders to the Originator..

  • Click Invoices > Create Invoice
  • You will see a list of completed work orders ready for invoicing
  • Check the box next to one or more items
  • Click the Actions dropdown menu
  • Select one of these invoice options:
    • Group by Originator: The invoice will list charges for all moves made for an Originator
    • Group by Equipment: The invoice will list all moves made for one Originator with the same equipment
    • Group by Work Order: The invoice will address all legs of a specific work order
    • Mark Charges as Not Billable: The Originator will not be charged for the selected moves
  • This will create a draft invoice
  • Note that an invoice will only address one Originator. If you select multiple Originators here, it will create separate invoices.



  • Go to Invoices > Manage Invoices
  • If you need to make changes to your invoice, check the box next to the invoice and click the Cancel icon (trash bin). The billed charges will return to the Create Invoice tab.
  • Click the Edit icon next to your desired invoice
  • Enter the invoice number
  • Press enter
  • Click Actions > Save Invoices
  • Click Actions > Send Invoices
  • You will receive email notification when the Originator approves or rejects your invoice
  • If they reject your invoice, you can redo the invoicing process but you must enter a new invoice number



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