How do I comment on a work order?

You may wish to comment on work orders for several reasons, such as to request an amendment or inform your Originator/Receiver on the work order status. Most amendments can be made be either party, but in certain circumstances only one party can make a change.

Please note that sending comments is NOT a substitute for updating or amending the work order details or status. Commenting can be a useful way to stay in contact with your Originating or Receiving partner, but it does not affect how the work order is logged in IAS Dispatch.

To add comments to a work order:

  • Check the box next to one or more work orders
  • Select Actions > Apply Comments to Work Orders
  • Write your comment in the Comments section
  • Check Private if you do not want your Receiving/Originating partner to view the comment (only visible to your company)
  • Check Send Notification to send an email notification of your comment to your partner. This is strongly recommended as it speeds up the process.
  • Click Save to send your comment


If your partner sends a comment with Send Notification checked, you will receive an email notification containing comment details. You can also view comments by double clicking on a work order. Comments are visible in the Header section of the work order details tab. Double click a comment to view it.



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