How do I amend a work order?

To amend details on assigned work orders before accepting them:

  • Go to Work Orders > Assigned Work Orders
  • Check the box next to an assigned work order
  • Click Actions > Amend Work Orders
  • A new tab will open where you can edit most work order details
  • When you are done, click Amend


  • The Originator will receive notification of your amendments
  • If they accept, you will receive an email notification
  • Return to Assigned Work Orders and accept the amended work order

Alternatively, there are two ways you can request that the Originator amends the work order:

  • Check the assigned work order and click Actions > Apply Comments to Work Orders
  • Type a comment, such as a request that the Originator makes an amendment
  • Make sure Private is not checked, because private messages are only viewable by your organization
  • Click Save and the Originator will be notified of your request


If you will not accept a work order without a specific amendment:

  • Check the assigned work order and click Actions > Accept/Reject Work Orders
  • Select Action > Reject and the reason for your rejection
  • The Originator will either amend the selected reason and send the work order back to you, or reject your amendment and assign the work order to another Receiver


Once you have accepted the work order, either you or the Originator can amend it at any time. To make your own amendment:

  • Go to Work Orders > Manage Work Orders
  • Check the box next to the work order
  • Select your desired option from the Actions menu as described above to comment or amend
  • If the Originator accepts your amendment, you will be notified and do not need to do anything
  • If the Originator rejects your amendment, you will be notified and the work order will revert to how it was before the amendment

When an Originator makes amendments to open work orders, you will be notified by email. You can then either accept or reject the amendment.

  • Go to Work Orders > Manage Work Orders
  • The Status of amended work orders will be "Amended by Originator"
  • Click the work order to view activity in the bottom window
  • Click the Magnifying Glass icon to view details about the amendment
  • Select Approve or Decline to accept or reject the amendment(s)
  • If you decline, the work order will remain as it was before the amendment



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