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Since each grid on IAS Dispatch records such a large volume of data, the system has several tools to speed up data location. All of the functions described below will temporarily rearrange or filter your data grids. If you would like to save a custom view, please refer to the final section of this article: Save Views


  • You can quickly rearrange grids by any category
  • Click the name of the column you wish to sort by
  • The list will rearrange alphabetically by that category
  • Click the column again to sort reverse-alphabetically


  • Click the Magnifying Glass icon
  • Empty text fields will appear above searchable columns
  • Type the number or label you wish to find; partial search terms are acceptable
  • You can fill in as many fields for one search as you wish
  • Press enter or click the Filter icon on the right
  • The grid will reduce to only data matching your search


Advanced Searching

  • Click on a tab (e.g. Events)
  • Select Search
  • The advanced search window will pop up


  • Select your category (e.g. Work Order Number)
  • Select one of these four options:
    • Equals: Results match the search term exactly
    • Starts with: Results begin with the search term
    • Ends with: Results end with the search term
    • Contains: Any of the above options
  • Enter a partial or complete search term in the field on the right, or select from a dropdown for certain categories
  • Click the green circle icon to add another search category
  • Add as many categories as you wish
  • Select one of these three options at the top:
    • Match All: The search will return results that match all search categories
    • Match Any: The search will return results that match one or more categories
    • Match None: The search will display all data that does not match the categories (search by exclusion)
  • Click Search

Freeze Column

  • Hover your mouse over any column and click the triangle icon that appears
  • In the dropdown menu, select Freeze by [selected column]
  • The selected column will move to the far left
  • As you scroll left and right, the frozen column will always remain visible
  • You can freeze multiple columns at a time

Hide Columns

  • Drag columns to rearrange them in any order
  • Hover your mouse over any column and click the triangle icon
  • Select Columns
  • Check or uncheck any category
  • Checked categories will be displayed; unchecked categories will be hidden


Group by Category

  • Hover over any of the columns
  • Click the down arrow
  • Select Group by [selected column]
  • The work orders will disappear and be replaced by a grid showing only the data for the category you selected
  • Click on any entry to expand a list of data entries grouped under it


Save Views

  • When you have sorted your list any way you want, you can save the view
  • Click Views > Save
  • Choose a name for your custom view
  • Check Set as Default View if desired
  • Click Save
  • You can return to this view at any time by selecting it from the Views menu
  • If you change a custom view, clicking Save will overwrite it. If you change a custom view but don't want to overwrite it, select Save As instead
  • You can rearrange any list at any time, but unless you save it as a custom view your changes will be lost next time you log in



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