What do the column headings mean?

Select Events > Manage Events to view the events grid. Below is a guide to the definitions of the column headers. Please note that different Originators use different fields, so not all of those listed below will necessarily appear on your events grid.

  • Work Order Number: Originator's reference for a work order. This number tracks the work order from start to finish.
  • Unit Identifier: Reference number of the equipment being moved
  • Stop Number: Order of stops made in a single work order
  • Stop Name: Location of the stop
  • Stop Type: Delivery, Drop and Pick, Live Load/Unload, Pickup, or Return
  • Gate In Schedule/Actual: Gate in Schedule is the date and time of your gate in appointment, and gate in Actual is the time you record when you gate into the start/stop facility.
  • Gate Out Schedule/Actual: Just like Gate In Schedule/Actual
  • Originator or Receiver: For Originators, this column will show the trucking company doing the move. For Receivers, it will show the Originator of the work order.
  • Status: Before the move begins, the status is Accepted. When the first Actual event is recorded, it becomes Active. When the last stop is recorded, it becomes Completed.
  • BOL/BKG #: Bill of lading or booking number associated with the work order
  • Size/Type: Container size and type
  • Category: Type of move
  • Work Order Date/Time: Time the work order was created by the Originator
  • Vessel: Name of the vessel importing or exporting the equipment
  • Voyage: Reference code for the vessel's arrival or departure
  • Cutoff Date: Date/time you must gate-in to the terminal for an export
  • Last Free Day: Date/time you must gate-out from the terminal for an import
  • Respond by Date: Date by which you must accept or decline the work order
  • Port of Loading: Facility where you pick up an import
  • Port of Discharge: Facility where you drop off an export

Double click any event to view full work order details. This includes the above categories in more detail, as well as some additional fields such as:

  • HAZMAT information
  • Attachments
  • Vessel details
  • Equipment details


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