How do I accept or reject a work order?

You will receive an email notification when you have been assigned a new work order. Please log in to IAS Dispatch and accept new work orders as soon as possible.

  • Select Work Orders > Assigned Work Orders
  • Check the box next to the work order(s) you wish to accept or reject
    • To select a group of work orders, click any column and select Group by
    • The list will condense into groups of work orders sorted by your selected column
    • Click the plus icon next to lists of work orders you wish to accept/reject
    • Minimize lists you do not wish to respond to
    • When you are viewing only the data you wish to respond to, click the check box next to Work Order Number


  • If you need to make amendments or add comments before accepting, click Actions > Amend Work Orders or Apply Comments to Work Orders
  • Otherwise, click Actions > Accept/Reject Work Orders
  • A new window will open listing all selected work orders
  • Select whether you want to accept or reject the work orders
  • If you wish to reject them, you must choose one of the available reasons (e.g. Equipment Type, Capacity Unavailable)
  • Click Apply to All
  • You may also click the menu next to each work order to reject or accept on an individual basis
  • Click Continue
  • The Originator will be notified of your action
  • If you rejected the work order, they may amend it and reassign it to you



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