How do I make a payment?

Once you have entered your payment details into ChassisManager, you can easily pay all of your open invoices.

  • To see all open invoices:
    • Go to Billing > Account Summary
    • Click the search icon (magnifying glass)
    • Click on the Status dropdown menu and select Open
    • Press enter
  • For advanced search:
    • Go to Billing > Search Billing > Search Invoices
    • Search for a specific Invoice Number, or select Billing Date to search a date range (between, after, before, or exact date)
    • Click the green plus icon to add a second criteria
    • Select Status equals Open
    • Press Search


  • If you have made a partial payment, you will see the amount remaining to be paid on that invoice
  • Check the box next to an invoice
  • Click Make a Payment


  • A dialogue box will open with your billing information already entered
  • By default the payment amount is the unpaid amount of the invoice, but you can change that if you wish
    • If you pay the default, the invoice will close
    • If you do not pay the full invoice amount, the invoice will not close
    • If you pay more than the full amount, your other invoices will automatically close starting with your oldest open invoice, until the full amount is accounted for
  • Click Save
  • You will be asked to confirm your payment


  • Once you click okay, your payment will automatically submit
  • Do not close your window until you have received a confirmation message
  • Your invoice should now be in Closed status

To review your past invoices:

  • Go to Billing > Account Summary
  • Click on the Invoices tab
  • Click the search icon and search Status = Closed

To review your past payments:

  • Go to Billing > Account Summary
  • Click on the Payments tab
  • Search by status to see whether the payment has been completed
  • If the status is blank, the payment is complete


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