Disputing a rental in “Post Invoice”


Log into:

Go to Rentals > Search > Trips

Select "Invoice Number" from the dropdown menu

Select "equals" from the dropdown menu

The invoice number can be found at the top right hand corner of your invoice

Type the number of your new invoice in the search box including the dash and alph characters

 Click Search

Click the export icon (upward facing grey arrow) to download a CSV file of the trip data

Make notations on disputed trips and attach the CSV to your dispute email.  Remember to include any supporting documentation that may help resolve your issue.

Please email your dispute to

NOTE: If you do not submit your post invoice dispute in the required format, it will be rejected.  You only have 30 days from receipt of invoice to enter a dispute. 



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    Colleen Raycroft

    Attached is a screen by screen on how to dispute. 

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