Reading the twice-monthly statement

The twice monthly statement is comprised of a summary PDF document and detailed backup in the form of a comma-separated file (.csv) that can be analyzed in a spreadsheet.

You may also obtain information directly from the ChassisManager portal by searching your trips by Invoice number.

Summary PDF


The top-right corner of your invoice displays the invoice and account references:

  • Invoice Number: The reference number of this invoice
  • Invoice Date: The date this invoice was issued
  • Account Number: Your account number
  • Chassis Rental Period: This will be a 15 day range. All usage in that time is billed on this invoice.

 In the invoice header your account and invoice details are summarized.

  • Previous Balance: the BALANCE from your last invoice
  • Payments Posted: Any payments made during the service period
  • Total Current Invoice Activity: The total of the current invoice activity
  • BALANCE: Is the above three amounts combined

 The Current Invoice Activity breaks into three sections

  • Chassis Rental Charges: The total charges for usage in the service period
  • Other Charges & Credits: The sum of all debits and credits on this invoice
  • Taxes: The total tax amount for this invoice's chassis rental charges

 Remittance Slip


This is the remittance slip. If you are paying by check, please send this section below the dotted line along with your payment to the lessor. Write the amount you are paying in the Amount Paid section. The Amount Due here is your BALANCE from the Account Summary.

 Rental Charge Summary and Taxes


The Rental Charge Summary displays the total usage charged for the service period or bill cycle. The detailed backup is provided on a CSV file which is explained below.

Rental Tax is itemized by the start/stop location where the rental originated.  Trip pickup location and rental origination point may be different locations.

Payment Posted


Payments posted during the bill cycle are recorded here along with the invoice to which the payment was applied.

  • Date Posted: The date you made the payment
  • Payment Method: Check, credit card, or ACH
  • Invoice Cleared: The invoice(s) to which the payment was applied
  • Amount: The payment amount applied to the listed invoice

 Other Charges & Credits


 The Other Charges & Credits section details any credit or debit adjustments posted during the bill cycle.

  • Reason Code: Tells you whether the adjustment is a credit or debit, and whether it is for tax or chassis rental
  • Description: This may refer to a rental number
  • Invoice Cleared: The invoice the credit or debit was applied to
  • Amount: The amount of that adjustment - numbers in parentheses are negative, for credits
  • The total amount matches the Other Charges & Credits section in the invoice summary.

 CSV Detail File


In addition to the summary PDF, you will also receive a comma-separated text file (.csv) detailing the charges billed during the cycle.  This file may be imported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

  • Rental Number: This is the reference number of the entire rental for a single HRCP chassis. A rental may have one or many trips associated with it, depending on how long you continued to use the asset.
  • Container Number: The container number associated with a particular billable trip within a rental. There may be several containers per rental.
  • Chassis Number: The chassis you used for the rental. There is only one chassis per rental. When you return the chassis, the rental ends.
  • Pickup and Return Dates: The days the container was picked up and returned. The return date on the last trip is the date you returned the chassis.
  • Pickup and Return Locations: The start/stop locations where you picked up and dropped off the container. Here is a link to the code reference table.
  • Shipping Line: The SCAC of the shipping line for whom you made the move.
  • BN/BOL: The booking number or bill of lading associated with a given trip and container.
  • Billable Days: Each billable day is given a single line item entry, so the value will be 1 for each line.
  • Rate: The rate you are charges for each billed day. HRCP’s current rate is $10 per day.
  • Trip Charge: Billable Days x Rate.
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