How do I review Pre-Invoice rentals?

You can now review rentals while they are in Pre-Invoice status. This allows you to hide reviewed rentals from your view, thus reducing clutter and drawing attention to unreviewed rentals. Please note that reviewing has no impact on billing.

To review your rentals:

  • Go to Rental > Manage > Trips
  • Your default view is "Unreviewed Pre-Invoice"
    • If you set a different default view, go to View and select "Unreviewed Pre-Invoice" from the dropdown
  • Customize the columns into whatever order you find easiest to read
  • Make sure you can see the charges and the bill-to party
  • If you approve of the charges on a trip, check the box to the left
  • Once you have checked one or more boxes, click the Review icon (in the red box below)


  • Reviewed trips will disappear from your view. To see them again, switch to another view such as "Reviewed Pre-Invoice"
  • No changes are made to the rental by reviewing
  • If you find something wrong with a trip, dispute it following the normal process
  • You can only review rentals for which you are the bill-to-party. Otherwise, you will receive the following error message:



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