How to save a custom view

You can customize your rental and event screens to show any data you want in any order. This allows you to hide the data you don't need, saving valuable screen space.

To customize your view:

  • Drag columns in any order
  • Click a column to sort by that category, and click it again to sort in reverse order
  • Hide and expose columns
    • Hover your mouse over any column
    • Click the small triangle that appears
    • Go to Columns
    • Check the columns you wish to see
    • Uncheck any column to hide it

Once you have organized your view according to your preferences, you can save it for future viewing:

  • Go to View > Save As
  • Choose a name for your view
  • If you wish, check "Set as Default View"
    • You will see your default view every time you open the tab
    • Please note that you can only set one default view per tab. If you set a new view as your default, your previous default will only be available when selected manually
  • To open any view at a later date, just go to View and select your desired option
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