How do I reconcile my invoices?

We recommend you review your rentals before being invoiced, so that you can log disputes and receive credits where necessary. This way, you can simply approve your invoice as soon as you receive it.

However, you may wish to review the trip details a second time once you have been invoiced. The invoice includes details such as Container Number and Pickup/Return dates, but if this is not enough you can always find more data in ChassisManager. Simply follow these instructions to download an Excel file with the information you want:

  • Go to Rentals > Search > Trips
  • Select "Invoice Number" from the dropdown menu
  • Type the number of your new invoice in the search box
    • The invoice number can be found at the top righthand corner of your invoice
  • Click Search
  • A new Manage Trips tab will open showing all the trips you were invoiced for
  • Right click any of the column headers and click Columns to display a full list of available data
  • Uncheck any categories you don't wish to see, and check any you want
  • Drag and drop columns into any order you wish
  • Click the export icon (upward facing arrow) to download a CSV file of the trip data

Now that you have the data, you can check it against your invoice. Simply match rental and container numbers between your PDF and Excel to verify that the charges are as you expected. This invoice reconciliation process can be done systematically by advanced Excel users; for instructions on how to speed up your invoice review time, see the article linked below.


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