Managing Your Motor Carrier Account Profile

The motor carrier account profile is where you will maintain information used by equipment providers and pool operators to verify your organization's insurance coverage and safety records.

You will also maintain your payment method and payment details in the profile.

As you complete the profile sections you can save your progress at any time.  If you cannot complete the profile in your first session, you can always save and login later to complete it.

Company Information

Use this section for your mailing and billing address.  Your billing address must be complete in order for your profile to be approved for any equipment provider offering services through ChassisManager.

If your physical and billing address are the same, click the "Copy Billing Address from Service Address" box.

In this section, you can optionally forecast your anticipated monthly chassis usage by size.


Insurance Information

In this section you will enter your insurance coverage limits, deductibles and expiration dates in the upper panel.

In the lower panel, you will see the insurance minimums required by the various equipment providers who offer rentals through ChassisManager.  If there is no number in the lower panel for a given category, that means there is no minimum requirement. The numbers turn green if you meet or exceed the minimums.

Uploading a copy of your insurance certificate is mandatory.  There is a 10mb file size limit on uploads.  The document may be several pages but it is require to be saved as one document.  If a Workers Compensation Exemption form is needed, please be sure to fill it out and upload one with your insurance information.  This document is required for approvals by all equipment providers.



Some equipment providers may require safety information for approvals.  As in the insurance section, this section indicates the minimum requirements by provider.  If there is no number listed, there is no minimum requirement.

Enter your scores in the upper panel by category.


Terms and Conditions

This panel will display all of the equipment providers offering rental services in ChassisManager.  Find the provider you will be using and click the "VIEW" link.  This will open a window with the provider's Motor Carrier Agreement.  READ THIS TEXT CAREFULLY - these are the terms and conditions to which you are committing your company.

Some equipment providers require a valid UIIA partnership to be in place in order to view their terms sheet.  If this validation is in place and your partnership status is not current, you will receive an error message.

If you would like to review the terms and conditions more carefully, you can select the text in the click-through dialog box, copy and paste it into a printable document format (e.g. Word).

Clicking AGREE is your company acceptance of the terms and conditions.

When you click through the Agreement, the equipment provider is notified of your pending profile.  You should receive an acknowledgement back from the equipment provider or IAS within 24 hours of your acceptance.

Note that the date of acceptance along with the userID of the person who accepted the terms and conditions is logged for future reference.




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