What do the different rental statuses mean?

To view rentals of a particular status:

  • Click Rentals > Manage Rentals
  • Select a status from the View dropdown menu


Here is a guide to the different rental statuses:

  • Open Rental: Chassis has not been returned
  • Pre-Invoice Rental: Chassis has been returned - if you need to dispute a rental, do it now
  • Closed Rental: Chassis has been returned and invoiced
  • In Dispute Rental: The rental has been disputed and is awaiting review by equipment provider
  • Pending Review Rental: Rental has been flagged for one of the following reasons and requires review by the equipment provider
    • The rental has made more than 4 trips in a day
    • The rental has an open trip (Gate Out with no Gate In) and a new trip (Gate Out) occurs
    • The partnership between the motor carrier and the equipment provider has not been approved
  • Canceled Rental: Rental has been canceled and will not go to invoice


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