How do I read my rental screen?

Click Rentals > Manage Rentals. This will display a list of all your rentals, along with several details about each one such as:

  • Rental Number - The reference number for your rental with the chassis equipment provider
  • Start and End Date - The date and time when the chassis left and entered the equipment provider's facility
  • Chassis Number - The reference code of the chassis you are renting
  • Chassis Size/Type - The standardized type of chassis you are renting
  • Motor Carrier SCAC - Your SCAC, showing that you are responsible for the rental
  • Equipment Provider SCAC - The SCAC of the equipment provider supplying the chassis
  • Days Out - Number of days since you gated out the rental, either still ongoing or through the return date
  • Rental Status - Whether the rental is open, completed, or disputed

You can search by all of these criteria, or click the column to sort by that category. You can also view a list of rentals by status.
  • Click the View dropdown menu
  • Select one of the statuses (Open, Closed, etc.)
  • The list will be reduced to just rentals of that type
  • You can now sort by any of the above categories within rentals of a particular status.

To view status changes, click the rental. This will display a list of events in the lower window under the tab Activity Log. When your rental is opened, details are changed, or it moves into pre-invoice status, that change is recorded here with a time stamp.

In the same lower window you can click on the Trips tab to view more details, including:
  • Pickup and return locations and times
  • The container number, listed under Equipment ID
  • Bill of lading
  • Booking number
  • Shipping company details
  • Length of each trip, listed under Trip Duration
  • Billed party





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