How can others in my organization get ChassisManager logins?

To add someone else in your company to your account, instruct that person to register as a new user with ChassisManager.

It is important that the user enters the same SCAC used to set up your account and selects the correct company type when registering. The SCAC is used to match the new user to your Account Profile.

If you are a ChassisManager Service Provider, use the IAS facility code issued when you created your account.  If you are unsure about the facility code, contact IAS customer support.

Your account administrator will be notified of the user's request to associate with the organization.  The admin then approves the request and assigns a role to the new user. Each user role is associated with a set of permissions; please see the links below for information on those permissions.

Admins can alter user permissions at any time by clicking Admin > Users.




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