How do I upload my insurance information?

  • Click Admin > Company Profile
  • Select Insurance Information
  • You will see fields to enter your insurance information and a list of Equipment Providers below
  • Enter your coverage insurance information for Auto, General, and Trailer Interchange
  • If the number you enter meets an Equipment Provider's minimum requirements, the number next to that Equipment Provider's name will turn green. If the number you enter does not meet the minimum requirements, the number will turn red. All numbers must be green in order to partner with an Equipment Provider. Please remember to update the Expiration dates as well.
  • Check the box next to the Equipment Provider you want to work with
  • Click the arrow labelled Upload Insurance Certificate
  • The certificate can be in any file format. PDF is the preferred option.
  • File size limit on upload is 10MB
  • Click on the Save button in the lower right hand corner once your completed with the above




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