What is ChassisManager?

ChassisManager is a usage tracking and day-lease billing solution for Chassis Pool Operators and Equipment Lessors, designed from the ground up to ensure accurate and timely billing while also addressing the evolving requirements of a rapidly changing chassis provisioning market.  ChassisManager is delivered securely as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), accessible 24/7 over the Internet with no requirement to install or maintain application components.

Like an auto rental, a lease begins when the pool operator’s equipment leaves a designated start stop location and ends when it is returned.

Unlike an auto rental, ChassisManager takes into account the complex day-lease billing rules associated with intermodal equipment:

  • Multiple trip rentals, possibly over multiple days
  • Multiple responsible lessee parties associated with different trips on the same rental
  • Rental tax application
  • Dispute (and resolution) of usage charges in advance of billing and invoicing

 There are three primary components to the system:

Customer On-Boarding, User Registration and Administration

  •  ChassisManager establishes and enforces lessor acceptance criteria and business rules
  • Ensures that users have up-to-date account profiles and have agreed to lessor terms and conditions
  • Associates approved lessees with equipment movement
  • Account user management – approval of new users, assignment of roles and permissions
  • Billing account management

 Event Management

  •  Chassis Service Providers send data as equipment moves out of and into their network of physical facilities
  • Responsible third party lessees submit data to identify movement associated with their direct billing program requirements
  • The system sorts, matches and collates this data on a daily basis creating a rental transaction
  • When the equipment is returned, the system then prepares the transaction for rating and billing
  • Generates exception reports to monitor the accuracy and timeliness of facilities' event reporting

 Rating, Billing and Collections

  •  Evaluates the event and third party data to determine bill-to party, rates and duration of lease
  • Customer review and dispute of charges prior to invoicing
  • Statement distribution
  • Secure online credit/debit card payment or ACH option
  • Account history of invoices, payments, credits


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