What role does REZ-1 play in chassis rental?

REZ-1 developed the ChassisManager software and manages and maintains the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure that supports the technology.

REZ-1 partners with Equipment Providers to manage motor carrier provisioning and usage events, as well as billing processes associated with the evolving model for chassis rental in North America. REZ-1 is not a pool operator and does not manage or own physical assets for any equipment provider or pool operator.

REZ-1 provides technical support on the front end for motor carriers who rely on the ChassisManager service to track their usage and billing, as well as back end support for Chassis Service Providers who integrate gate operations that drive ChassisManager transactions.

In some cases, REZ-1 will provide back office services to equipment providers and pool operators who require it.

ChassisManager helps equipment providers by:

  • Managing motor carrier partnerships
  • Tracking chassis rentals
  • Streamlining the billing process

Unlike inventory management systems, ChassisManager tracks what happens to chassis once they are put to use on a rental by motor carriers and other organizations.

ChassisManager helps motor carriers to:

  • Rent chassis
  • Track the chassis they have rented
  • View the applicable charges incurred
  • Quickly and easily pay for chassis usage

REZ-1 does not own the chassis or manage chassis fleets. REZ-1 is not responsible for operating costs such as maintenance and repair, storage, and gates. These all remain the responsibility of equipment owners.


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