How do I dispute a rental?

Trips in Pre-Invoice or In Dispute status may be disputed in ChassisManager. Once a rental is Closed, it cannot be disputed. Please regularly review your Pre-Invoice rentals in order to dispute them within the necessary timeframe.

  • Log on to ChassisManager
  • Go to Rentals > Manage > Trips
  • Find your rental by clicking the magnifying glass icon or click a column to browse by that category
  • When you find a rental to dispute, check the box next to it
  • Click the Dispute button
  • A new window will open


  • Select the Dispute Category based on the reason for your dispute. You can select one of the default options if your dispute is caused by the reasons listed above, or select "Other" if you have a different reason.
  • Please explain your dispute in the Comments section and attach any relevant documentation in the Supporting Document field
  • When you are done, click Dispute
  • When the dispute finishes processing, the trip you disputed will be colored red
  • If you wish, you may dispute other trips on the same rental

To view a list of your disputed rentals:

  • Return to the Manage Trips page
  • Select In Dispute Rentals from the View dropdown menu
  • If you do not see the rental you disputed listed here, search for the rental number and check its status
  • To check if a dispute has been updated, double click the trip to open it - the equipment provider may have left a comment requesting additional documentation
  • To add a comment of your own, click the add comment icon

Once the dispute is either accepted or rejected, your rental will return to Pre-Invoice status. If your dispute is accepted and requires a credit, the equipment provider will adjust the days out. To see your adjusted days:

  • Go to Rentals > Search > Trips
  • Search Adjustment is greater than or equal to 1
  • Your adjusted days appear next to the trip days in the trip view
  • The charges will take into account the adjusted days
  • On your invoice, you will not be charged for any days which were adjusted 


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