My rental is in Pre-Invoice status but there is no return location on my last trip. What does this mean?

When this situation occurs there is no stop location on your rental because you still have the unit out.

If you have not returned your rental after 30 days, you will be billed for the 30 days accrued. You can continue to use the unit, and every 30 days you will be automatically billed.

The rental continues to be listed under the original rental number. You will see entries for the same rental number.

When you return the unit, the rental will end and you will be billed for the number of days elapsed since your last bill was issued.

For example, if you rent a unit for 63 days you will be billed three times: two times for 30 days, and once for 3 days.

This scenario is referred to as a "rolling rental".


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