How do I create the Equipment Control View in the Trip Viewer?


ChassisManager tracks start/stop events across all equipment and motor carriers associated with the specified chassis pool. The ChassisManager view of open trips, meaning the chassis is still in the motor carrier’s possession, provides the motor carrier the capability to manage equipment currently under lease.  It identifies on-hired units by rental days out and provides visibility to the number of units that may be in your organization's possession at any given point in time and for how long.

Motor carriers can utilize this information to monitor assets currently in their control.  It is also useful information for forecasting month-to-month or week-to-week spend on chassis rentals and gives the motor carrier the ability to identify re-bill opportunities in advance of rental return.

A note on OPEN rentals

Individuals monitoring equipment establish filters on trips and rentals in OPEN status. A rental is in OPEN status while a chassis is in possession of a motor carrier outside of the start/stop facilities associated with the chassis pool. During that time, motor carriers may utilize the chassis on a day lease basis for any number of days and utilize that equipment for as many trips as required or desired.

A unit is considered returned when it is dropped off at a start/stop facility and does not gate out of that facility with the same motor carrier on the same day. For motor carriers who keep units for an extended period of time, ChassisManager will virtually gate in the unit at 30 days, preparing that usage for billing while creating a new transaction with the same Chassis Rental number for continuation reference.

Setting the Equipment Control View in the Trip Viewer

Custom views are a powerful utility in ChassisManager that allows you to save frequently used filters, column ordering, sorts and groupings for any number of purposes. Creating the Equipment Control View starts with the Manage Trips option under the Rentals menu:


Using the view menu, select 'OPEN'.

This will give you a broad view of all your trips on rentals where the status is 'OPEN'

Right click in any of the column header labels to bring up the options menu.

Select the "COLUMNS" option.

To create the Equipment Control View, check the following columns:

  • Rental Start Date
  • Rental End Date
  • Rental Number
  • Container Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Trip Number
  • Pickup Date
  • Return Date
  • Pickup Location
  • Return Location
  • Bill of Lading
  • Booking Number
  • Haulage Type
  • Shipping SCAC
  • Trip Duration
  • Charges

Right click in the Rental Number column and select Sort Ascending

This will display your oldest trips on the top of the list so can work forward from unit on-hire the longest:

Now right click the Rental Number column header and select Group by Rental Number.

Right click the Trip Number column header and select Sort Ascending.

Click the refresh icon to update the data.

Your trip viewer should now look like this:

To view the trip detail under each rental, simply expand the rental by clicking on the plus button to the left of the rental number:

To save this layout so you can use it in the future go back to the VIEW drop down and select "Save As"

You will be prompted to give your custom view a name.  Here we named our view "My Open Trip Days Out".

If you exit the trip viewer, your custom view will be available to use, saving your columns, column sorts, ordering and grouping so you don't have to repeat these steps every time you use the viewer. 


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