How do I ensure my data is correct before I receive an invoice?

Once you return a chassis, you have a minimum of five days to review the rental before invoicing. We advise you to regularly review your Pre-Invoice rentals to ensure accurate invoices. If you find an error, rental charges can be adjusted or canceled entirely before you receive the invoice, so you will only be billed for correct usage.

  • Go to Rentals > Manage > Trips
  • By default, your view shows unreviewed Pre-Invoice trips
  • Right click any column header and select Columns
  • Check or uncheck columns to view or hide them
  • Click any column header to sort by that category
  • Once you have all the data you need to review your rentals, scroll through them and pay attention to the locations, dates, and bill-to party
  • If these all look correct, you can flag a trip as "Reviewed"
    • Check the box next to a trip and click the Reviewed icon
    • The trip will disappear from your default view
    • To see reviewed trips, click on View and select Reviewed
    • For full instructions, use the related articles link for reviewing trips
  • If you disagree with any of the information, you can dispute the rental
    • Check the box next to a rental and click the Dispute button
    • Explain your dispute and save
    • Disputed trips will enter In Dispute status and disappear from your default view until dispute resolution
    • You will not be invoiced for a trip until the dispute has been resolved and returned to In Dispute status
    • Resolved disputes are colored green
    • For full instructions, see the link below
  • If the equipment provider agrees with your dispute, they may issue an adjustment
    • Adjusted days are viewable as a column on Manage Trips
    • The adjustment will be subtracted from days out
    • The rental will be rerated and the new charge will reflect the adjustment


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