Billing, Payments and Collection

Billing is generated on twice-monthly bill cycles, split into “service periods” for usage occurring:

  • 1st-15th of a month
  • 16th-last day of the month

 Bill cycles are approved and statements are issued via email on the 21st and 6th of each month for the bill cycle completed 5 days prior.  Should the 21st or 6th fall on a weekend or holiday, statements are issued on the business day immediately following. 


Invoices and statements are distributed by email to a designated mailbox on the date of billing but all invoices and their backup are available for review on the ChassisManager portal at any time for user’s convenience.

Designating the Invoice Recipient

By default, the invoice recipient email is the email of the original user who registers for ChassisManager. To change the email, please contact IAS Chassis Support at

To distribute the invoice to a group within your organization, please have your internal IT department set up a group internal distribution and forward that email to the IAS Support team.  

IAS recommends group distributions over individuals so there is always back up in the event a receivables contact is unavailable for any reason


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