What are "4trip" debits?

If you make more than four trips on a single day with the same chassis, the rental will go in to Pending Review status. These rentals cannot be billed through ChassisManager's billing engine, so we will charge you for them through a manual debit.

The debit will appear on your invoice in the format "4trips\XXQI123456" where XXQI123456 is your rental number. To see full rental details, just search the rental number in ChassisManager. The rental will be in Canceled status, but the trip information is accurate.

Please note that you are not usually billed for Canceled rentals. Four trip per day rentals are an exception.

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    Ed Schriger

    ChassisManager Release 1.5.1 (October 10, 2014) contains functionality for IAS and Pool Operator client services representatives to resolve 4-trip-in-a-day rentals, therefore allowing them to bill through the system.  Except for extreme circumstances, users can expect the elimination of 4-trip debits from their statements going forward from this date.

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