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John Allen April 14, 2014 ChassisManager / ChassisManager Answers

A Street Turn occurs when Motor Carrier A transfers possession of a chassis to Motor Carrier B without physically entering one of a chassis pool’s valid start/stop locations.  ChassisManager’s Street Turn functionality facilitates the agreement between two motor carriers relative to this change in possession.  The transaction ends the chassis rental for Motor Carrier A and commences the rental for Motor Carrier B.  This process eliminates the need to rebill your fellow motor carrier and transfers liability when the exchange occurs.   Please note that this functionality does not account for the scenario where a single motor carrier is transitioning a container from MH to CH or vise versa.

Below provides step by step instructions on how to perform the street turn transaction.


  • Motor carrier A selects the rental they would like to street turn in the Manage Rental screen


  • Then click on the icon noted below to offer the rental to other motor carriers


  • Designate the desired date of transfer and offer expiration date.  Motor carrier A will be billed for the usage days up to and including the date of transfer.  Motor carrier B’s billing will commence on the date of transfer noted in the transaction.  Just as billing would occur at a normal start/stop facility.


  • Select the motor carriers to which you are willing to offer this opportunity and then click the offer button to initiate the transaction.  There is no limit to the number of motor carriers you may select.


  • After completion, you will receive confirmation of processing.


  • The status of the rental will now show “Offered” as noted below.


  • All motor carriers chosen by motor carrier A will be able to view the offered rental in their Street Turn tab in ChassisManager.  Clicking on the street turn tab highlighted in yellow below will bring up the rentals offered to you for street turn acceptance.


  •       Motor carrier B selects the street turn they would like to accept from the list and clicks the street turn icon to complete the transaction.


  • The first motor carrier to accept the offer will then assume responsibility and liability for that chassis on the Date of Transfer designated on the form.  
  • It is anticipated that most street turns will have already been verbally agreed to between motor carriers so you may be offering to one motor carrier in the transaction.  Regardless, the entire transaction must be complete in order to insure that each party is billed for their appropriate amount of usage. 
  • Motor carrier B should enter in all required data noted in the screen below especially the booking number associated with their intended move so that ocean carrier exception billing, if applicable, is handled appropriately.   If the container number has not changed, you do not need to enter the container number.  Upon completion of data entry, click the accept button.


  • Please note that motor carrier B’s rental will not be visible in ChassisManager until the following day.  At that time, assuming no other event data has been received for the chassis and container, the rental will show in “OPEN” status.


  • When motor carrier B accepts motor carrier A’s street turn offer, the street turn status of the rental for motor carrier A will transition to “accepted” as noted in the screen shot below.


  • The transaction is now complete.


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