NYK Line (NA) Inc. Valid Start/Stop Locations MCCP and TAX Rates


IAS Facility Code Facility Name State Total tax Rate
USMEMBNFA BNSF - Memphis TN 9.25%
USMEMCNRA CN - Memphis TN 9.25%
USMEMCSXA CSX - Memphis TN 9.25%
USBNACSXA CSX - Nashville TN 9.25%
USHSVNSRA NS - Huntsville (HIIC) AL 9.00%
USMEMUPRA UP - Marion AR 9.25%
USBNAIMCA Intermodal Cartage (IMC) Nashville TN 9.25%
USBNATCWA Tennessee Commercial Warehouse (TCW) Inc TN 9.25%
USMEMNSRA NS - Memphis TN 9.25%
USMEMMRSA Container Maintenance Yard (MRS-CMC) Memphis TN 9.25%
USMEMC67A Cowan Systems LLC AR 9.25%
USMCPNYKV NYK Virtual Divert Facility MCP 9.25%
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